Saturday, August 22, 2009

A bit about Dan... and what's going on.

Again I'm sorry to be posting this on facebook, but I realized that Dan was a very public person, and besides he loves when I talk about him to my friends. So in actuality, I feel just fine using this forum and I hate making phone calls, and trying to get in touch with everyone.

These are a few snip-its from his obituary; I am so humbled by his life's accomplishments and will be forever proud to be called "Danny's Big Sister".

From the Boston Globe:

From Fowler-Kennedy Funeral Home

* * *

"Daniel A. D'Amico Mark, passed away unexpectedly Wednesday, August 19th, of an epileptic seizure.

Daniel was 25 years old, the son of David Mark and Jean D’Amico, younger brother of Rachel Mark, lived at 10 Maple Street in Maynard, MA. His voice and presence in our neighborhood and world will be one we will miss for a great long time. An obituary will not be in the Maynard newspaper until next week. It may be in tomorrow’s Boston Globe. [...]

Daniel attended Acton-Boxborough HS for employment training, and was also active in Best Buddies, a national program to provide social activities for students and adults with mental disabilities. Starting in 2006 Daniel was at Minute Man Arc, Concord, five days a week for social support services and job placement in the community.

Despite Daniel's physical and mental challenges he lived a challenging life. He worked at a horse stable in Harvard and a supermarket in Sudbury. He participated in Special Olympics basketball and softball, bowled and bicycled, swam, fished and rode horses, and enjoyed video games. Daniel took up karate in 2007 and had progressed as far as earning his purple belt.

Daniel was also active in community service. He worked on projects for the Maynard Garden Club, the Assabet River Rail Trail, and participated in the annual Organization for the Assabet River clean-up."

* * *

CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy) is the charity the family has chosen for donations. The website connection is (under the tab: “Get Involved”).

There will be a service at Fowler-Kennedy in the afternoon of this Saturday, August 22nd. Visiting hours are 2-4 pm and 6-8 pm with a service at 7 PM Saturday;

Fowler-Kennedy Funeral Home,
42 Concord Street, Maynard

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD) - DIY Sound Effects

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD) - DIY Sound Effects

  • Arduino (pre-assembled) (Duemilanove) ( = $30.00
  • Arduino-bootloader 2x upgrade chip (Atmega328) ( = $7.50
  • Adafruit Wave Shield for Arduino Kit (v1.0) ( = $22.00
  • SD/MMC Memory Card (1 Gig) ~$5.00
  • Sony SRS-A27 desktop personal speakers ~$17.00


Power-Switch (SPST ON-OFF):
  • Turn the board (lights & sound) ON-OFF
  • On setup(): Plays the powerup_sound1.wav file and starts the ambient_loop.wav
  • ambient_loop.wav will continue to play while gun is on; and pauses when gun is fired or other effect is triggered

Mode-Toggle-Switch (SPDT ON-ON):
  • Changes between Orange/Blue lights
  • Toggles Fire-Button sound effects

Fire-Button (SPST):
  • Plays the color appropriate sound effect when pressed
  • [Optionally] Flashes 4 additional white LEDs
  • Follows up with randomly selected open-portal sound (open1 - open3.wav)

Invalid-Surface-Toggle (SPST):
  • Small discrete ON-OFF slide switch
  • When ON: causes the follow-up sound to play invalid_surface.wav rather than random open-portal sound

Superfluous-Music-Button (SPST):
  • When pressed it plays "Still Alive" by GLaDOS (Jonathan Coulton)
  • Bonus! If the Invalid-Surface-Toggle is ON it plays the "radio mix" edit of Still Alive