Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD) - DIY Sound Effects

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD) - DIY Sound Effects

  • Arduino (pre-assembled) (Duemilanove) ( = $30.00
  • Arduino-bootloader 2x upgrade chip (Atmega328) ( = $7.50
  • Adafruit Wave Shield for Arduino Kit (v1.0) ( = $22.00
  • SD/MMC Memory Card (1 Gig) ~$5.00
  • Sony SRS-A27 desktop personal speakers ~$17.00


Power-Switch (SPST ON-OFF):
  • Turn the board (lights & sound) ON-OFF
  • On setup(): Plays the powerup_sound1.wav file and starts the ambient_loop.wav
  • ambient_loop.wav will continue to play while gun is on; and pauses when gun is fired or other effect is triggered

Mode-Toggle-Switch (SPDT ON-ON):
  • Changes between Orange/Blue lights
  • Toggles Fire-Button sound effects

Fire-Button (SPST):
  • Plays the color appropriate sound effect when pressed
  • [Optionally] Flashes 4 additional white LEDs
  • Follows up with randomly selected open-portal sound (open1 - open3.wav)

Invalid-Surface-Toggle (SPST):
  • Small discrete ON-OFF slide switch
  • When ON: causes the follow-up sound to play invalid_surface.wav rather than random open-portal sound

Superfluous-Music-Button (SPST):
  • When pressed it plays "Still Alive" by GLaDOS (Jonathan Coulton)
  • Bonus! If the Invalid-Surface-Toggle is ON it plays the "radio mix" edit of Still Alive