Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DeLonghi EC-155

I finally broke down and bought myself an espresso machine. The DeLonghi EC-155. It's been on my wish list for far too long, and I could really use a little extra kick, to get me out of the door in the morning. It took a bit of unwrapping, but I was happy to see there was little assembly required. I was quickly swept up in the "new toy bubble" excitement and emidiatly set about making a LavAzza espresso pod. After much hissing and gurgling, the maching managed to spit out a bit of foamy brown water. Eyeing the shot suspiciously, I tasted what I can only describe as a weak cup of coffee at best. More akin to a hot frothy shot of dirty water. Yum! I scanned over the manual more thoroughly to discover one has to wait 15 minutes (15 MINUTES!?) after turning the machine on, before the water would be hot enough. So now I'm waiting...

Machine: *hisssssss*
Me: ./~ mmmmhmmmm-cause I'm a rocket man, burnin' on the fumes out
there alone. Mmmhhhmmm! Rocket Man! ./~
Machine: *Click-click--clickclick* "
Me: "What-huh?"

I think the clicking must means it's ready... Espresso, take two!

New LavAzza pod (just to be safe), clean shot glass, setting phasers to stun! Finally!! Finally, the machine fills my shot glass to the brim with that familure muddy liquid. And it is good. As I sit here in my cute little kitchen, finishing this blog post, and savoring this tiny glass of joy, I contemplate my life and the things that really matter. And I realize, I'm late for work.

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