Sunday, September 18, 2011 Level 2

I have been up in Oakland/Alameda for a month now. Here's what I have to show from the last week's level 2 class.

Learning anatomy from Andrew Cawrse and Eric Wilson really is like trying to drink from a fire hose. No matter how thirsty you are for knowledge, the stream will totally knock you on your ass.

My brain is melting, and casual conversation with my housemates quickly turns into an anatomy recap. "Today was really good. I'm a bit tired. Yea, the weather is great. Oh, did you know that the biceps is one of those rare muscles that crosses over more than one joint? Yea, it originates from the coricoid process of the scapula, over (but not attached to) the humorous, and inserts into the tuberosity of the radius bone in your forearm."

Class has been great. I'm meeting all sorts of amazing industry people. From doll makers, to special effects and make-up artists, toy designers, character artists, etc...
That's all for now.

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