Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Signing off of Faceworld.

Has anyone had real success with "signing out for a couple of months"? Does the public guilt really keep you from coming back?

Let's find out!

Like most people, I have no will power. I check facebook far too regularly, and usually end up getting sucked in for at least 15-20min, sometimes well over an hour. Eventually closing the window, saying to myself "silly mortal, you'll accomplish nothing this way".

So I'm trying this. I'll be back May 1st (After classes and ArtWalk) - Until then, see for updates. And you can reach me the old fashion way! Thanks for playing along!

To be continued...


  1. Hah! I did this too. Much because you gave me the idea.

    Whey moar thyme.

  2. Seems to be working. Now if only I could create public guilt around watching the West Wing for hous each day...

  3. Youll run out of West Wing.